The Scavenger 6
. This is the world’s most versatile firearm on the planet!
One gun that will fire all the most popular calibers in the world.
This is done through his patented CB cylinder barrels.
The Scavenger 6 rifle was designed with bugging out and survival in mind. Instead of having a rifle that can fire just one caliber, the Scavenger 6 can make use of 21 different popular calibers, from .22LR all the way up to .308 Winchester. The revolver’s six cylinders are also barrels, each is fully rifled and 7 inches in length.

Additionally, there are multiple interchangeable Cylinder Barrels (“CB”) available for use.

The Standard CB will fire .22, .22mag, .17 mag, .380, .38spec/.357 magnum, 9mm, .40SW, 10mm, 45acp, .45colt/.410, .44mag, .223, 7.62×39, 7.62×51, .270, 30/06, 5.56, 30/30, .243, .270 and .308.

The Survival CB will shoot .22, 38spec/.357 magnum, 9mm, 45acp, .45colt/.410, and .223.

The Hunter CB will shoot .243, .308. 30/06, 30/30, .223 and .45colt/.410. The Battle CB will shoot 5.56, 7.62×39. 30/06, .270, .308 and 7.62×51.

. The viking multitool, 27 inches of harden steel that acts like a crowbar, cuts like and ax and digs with a medieval AZDE hammer head.
This is Tim’s most useful must have survival tools to date.
The Crovel Extreme ll- Multi-Shovel Tool
Looks like a regular multi-tool shovel or entrenching shovel.
Features a sawtooth blade on one side of the head, a hammer and a very sharp blade.
The head can be folded at 90 degrees for trench type digging or folded completely for carrying in a pack.
A 14-inch hollow steel handle allows storage of key survival items such as: a fire stick, fishing hooks and line, water purification tablets, snare wire, flashlight and knife (fillers/accessories not included).
The handle is plugged at the end and wrapped with 15 feet of 550 paracord.
Weighted for throwing (a very good defensive weapon).
Available add-ons and attachments, including super spike, slingshot attachment, and Crovel Molle Cover.
Patent pending.
X-Caliber Gauge Adapter System
Allows you to shoot 11 different caliber rounds from a single-shot, 12-gauge shotgun.
7-inch stainless steel adapter that’s rifled to=increase accuracy.
Ammunition calibers: .22LR / 38 special / .357 / 9mm / 45 acp / 45LC / .410 shotgun / 12 ga. shotgun / .40 cal / .44 mag/ 20ga. shotgun.
The BOSS: Bug Out Survival Shelter
Award-winning design that enables preppers live off grid for three months or more.
Rugged, powder-coated frame with steel skid plate, pintle hitch, 15-inch knobby tires, and a 36-inch deep platform for transporting dirt bikes or other gear.
Rear hatch features galley with sink and two-burner LP range. T
Comes with external, 66-foot, self-retracting hose for connecting to a variety of available water sources.
Ships with three months of food provisions, a medical kit, two sleeping bags, two “US” stamped wool blankets, cooking equipment, Tim Ralston’s signature 7-day bug out bag and more.

The Nax
. Combines knife, axe and prybar; features emergency gas shut off valve wrench, and bottle opener.
Recon 6 Survival Watch
. Features EMP-proof, liquid-filled compass for navigation, 2 Magnesium fire-rods masked in band, magnifying glass for fire starting, small concealed utilityKnife, backside signal mirror, LED light for night and 20-year battery life. Priced at less than $395.
Adventure Pod
. Waterproof sleep system that can be used as a camping alternative to keep you comfortably suspended high above any animals, bugs or uncomfortable rocks. Secured with a single point of contact to rise 35 feet above the cold, hard, wet ground. Features adjustable head straps for seating and lying positions. Holds 600 pounds and comes with a rain cover and bug netting. Included is an Insulated winter sleeping pad, light/pillow combo with storage compartments included. Can be used as emergency evacuation pod from tall buildings or can be transformed into a gurney for hurt individuals.
Ralston Recon
. Gear Guide and Rokon have come together to produce a Tim Ralston signature series Trail Breaker called the Ralston Recon, specifically geared for the survival minded set. Features include dual- wheel drive, 15-inch ground clearance, lightweight tractor-type tires and new, patented Auto-Grab Front Suspension. You can mount pumps, generators, sidecars, gun boots and 50 other accessories to turn the Trail-Breaker into a plow horse or mountain goat. And they even float by virtue of hollow aluminum drum wheels. Drum like in you can store up to 2.5 gallons of fuel or water in each wheel. Narrow enough to fit down a row crop or tight tree stands. Tough enough to climb over rocks, fallen trees or other obstacles. Operates for up to nine hours on one fill up of the almost three-gallon tank and runs on a classic workhorse four-stroke Kohler engine.
BOV Bug Out Vehicle
. A purpose-built Jeep is constructed from the strongest and most reliable parts to make it through any challenging terrain.